Top 5 crypto credit cards & currency rewords 2022


The five best crypto credit cards for 2022 provide increased cryptocurrency rewards and cheap fees. Using your digital assets, you may gain a lot of flexibility and security.

The world is increasingly getting digital, and this includes how we spend. Because the crypto space is rapidly expanding, our team keeps a close eye on trends and new product releases to stay on top of the latest developments. The crypto credit card & cyptocurrency rewards is a new concept that is swiftly gaining traction.

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Consumer interest in earning rewards in this new  rising as more crypto cards become available. Crypto credit cards work the same way to standard credit cards 2022, with the exception that they use digital money, such as Bitcoin crypto currency , to source cash and pay rewards. You can still enjoy unrestricted spending with improved benefits thanks to crypto, which is backed by well-known card networks such as Visa and Mastercard.

We continuously study and evaluate various crucial variables in order to discover the finest crypto credit cards 2022 available .  This covers not just the reward system, but also the pricing and costs connected with it, and also cryptocurrency , payment methods, and crypto exchange prospects.

Top 5 crypto credit cards

1. Visa card

As one of the first cryptocurrency rewards cards, the credit Visa card integrates smoothly into your life, offering a slew of benefits that make sense in everyday life.

Although the crypto credit card is occasionally referred to as a crypto debit card, it is really a prepaid card that utilizes own digital money. There is no limit monthly quota for best crypto currency exchange operations, allowing you to conduct as many trades as necessary.

Cardholders receive a 100 percent rebate on their favorite services, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Spotify, depending on their card tier. All three are available on the two highest card tiers. Royal Indigo/Jade Green include Spotify and Netflix, whereas Ruby Steel includes a subscription to Spotify.

Rewards vary per crypto credit card tier, with cards providing 1% to 8% CRO back and other benefits. If you get the travel itch, the Obsidian and Frosted Rose Gold/Icy White cards provide 10% back on Airbnb and Expedia purchases. Additionally, you will get access to an exclusive airport lounge. When you keep a greater monthly limit, there are no ATM withdrawal fees and special currency conversion rates. credit cards supports over 90 different cryptocurrencies, making it one of the most versatile crypto credit cards on the market today. The crypto credit card is constructed of metal, and various tiers allow cardholders to select their preferred color. You may use your crypto credit card everywhere Visa is accepted, and you can manage your account on the move with the special app and crypto wallet.

Compare credit Card

Staking and Non-staking Benefits CRO Stake CRO Rewards
Obsidian $400,000 USD 8%
Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White $40,000 USD 5%
Royal Indigo & Jade Green $4,000 USD 3%
Ruby Steel $400 USD 2%
Midnight Blue $0 USD 1% Visa Card a credit or debit card ?

The Visa credit Card is a prepaid card. Broadly speaking, prepaid cards are the same as debit cards. The distinction is that debit cards are connected to your bank account, whereas prepaid cards need to be topped up. In our instance, you may top up using bank account transfers, other credit-debit cards, or cryptocurrencies.

How to I apply for a Visa Card?

To apply for a Visa Card, you must stake CRO tokens for a period of 180 days.To do so, please create a App account and go through our KYC verification process. After that, buy CRO tokens and put them in your app’s Crypto Wallet. No action is necessary if you purchase CRO straight from the App. The quantity of CRO you receive is determined by the card tier you are applying for.

Finally, on the App, go to the ‘Card’ page, choose your preferred Visa Card, hit the ‘Stake CRO’ button, and follow the on-screen instructions. All you have to do now is wait for us to send you an email when your card has been dispatched!

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2. Gemini credit card

Gemini credit card

All incentives earned from qualified purchases are paid out in Bitcoin or another Gemini accepted cryptocurrency. Members also have access to Mastercard exclusives including special discounts on Lyft, crypto credit cards and crypto rewards.  The benefits of Mastercard’s distinctive Mastercard ID Theft Protection, as well as Zero Liability and Price Protection, are included.

Although the Gemini crypto card is now unavailable, you may join the queue to be alerted when applications are accepted. The card will be available in black, silver, or rose gold in all 50 states, with a sleek metal design.

Customizable luxury Gemini crypto credit card

Gemini crypto credit cards are available in black, silver, or rose gold. The elegant, simple design isn’t just for show; we developed it with security in mind, removing the card number to secure your account information. In the Gemini mobile or online app, you may access your crypto credit card number at any moment.

Gemini credit cards is World class security providing Personal information and crypto assets are kept safe with features like two-factor authentication and cutting-edge encryption. More information about our security features may be found. 

How it works gemini credit cards ?

Use your Gemini Credit Card to make purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted. Cryptocurrency rewards are sent directly and instantaneously into your Gemini account. You have complete control over your crypto rewards, whether you trade or retain them.

gemini credit cards features

Up to 3% back on eating, 2% back on grocery, and 1% back on everything else (up to $6,000 in yearly spending, then 1% back on everything else). Bitcoin, ether, and over 50 other cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment methods. You may change your cryptocurrency reward type at any time and as frequently as you choose.

3. Coinbase Visa debit card

Coinbase Visa debit card

Coinbase was already a market leader in the cryptocurrency space when it introduced its Coinbase Visa debit  card. The Coinbase Visa card functions similarly to a standard Visa debit card, except that it is compatible with any asset in your Coinbase portfolio.

It deducts funds from your Coinbase balance, not from your Coinbase Pro, Wallet, Prime, or Commerce accounts, then you may pay with a PIN or withdraw cash from an ATM just like you would with a standard card. Daily spending limits of $2,500 and daily ATM withdrawal limits of $1,000 apply.

Cardholders can choose to receive 1% back in BTC or 4% back in XLM on all purchases.

Accepted anywhere credit ,debit Visa is accepted, the Coinbase cryptocurrency cedit / debit Visa enables worldwide spending with no foreign transaction fees. There are additional security measures, such as two-step verification, and you may quickly freeze your card using a robust mobile app that puts you in control of your account. Additionally, bookkeeping is simplified through the use of account alerts, digital receipts, and transaction summaries.

However, it is a debit card with a high cost structure. While there is no issuance cost, there are various additional expenses, including a roughly 2.5 percent cryptocurrency liquidation fee and a 2% foreign transaction fee. Additionally, there is a 1% penalty for withdrawals exceeding your maximum limit. Although crypto credit crds incentives can reach up to 4% on qualified transactions, the 2.5 percent transaction charge results in earnings of just 1.5 percent. Despite this, users continue to be satisfied with the credit card and enjoy the added security and convenience features offered by the crypto credit/debit card.

4. Wirex Visa card

Wirex Visa card

The Wirex card enables overseas spending without incurring high currency rates. Along with unlimited foreign ATM withdrawals, this card supports over 150 crypto currencies and is accepted at over 80 million locations worldwide, including online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Wirex funds your account and grants you access to perks using staked tokens called WXT. Wirex also provides crypto credit card & crypto rewords a new type of rewards programme called Cryptoback, which rewards customers with 2% back in WXT on qualified in-store transactions. Wirex will reward you with an additional $10 in Bitcoin if you refer new users. This is in addition to the regular 1.5 percent cash back on in-store purchases.

Cryptoback is a 12-month subscription-based service. Depending on the pricing plan selected by cardholders, the card earns between 2% and 8% back in X-Points on transactions. X-Points, which are worth one cent apiece, may be exchanged for cryptocurrency. Earning 2% is completely free; earning 4% will cost you $10 per month or $102 yearly. Cardholders must spend $30 monthly or $306 yearly to receive 8% back. You can best crypto exchange conceal any information that may allow others to identify you.

Wirex has a simple cost structure with no yearly charge. However, there is a 2.5 percent transaction charge that might eat into your overall cryptocurrency profits. There are no costs associated with fiat-to-fiat trades, and 18 currencies provide exclusive over-the-counter or interbank rates. You will be charged a 1% fee when using cryptocurrency to fund your account.

Additionally, Wirex offers its own app, which enables you to create immediate notifications, track your spending, and manage your budget. It’s a simple and cost-effective method to convert currencies when traveling, allowing for more seamless worldwide shopping regardless of where you are in the globe.

5. BlockFi visa credit card

BlockFi visa credit card

You can Earn crypto rewards on every purchase 

The BlockFi Rewards Visa credit card offers customers the opportunity to earn interest on their Bitcoin holdings. The default reward structure for your BlockFi credit card is bitcoin. 1.5 percent return on purchases is given out in Bitcoin and saved in your BlockFi account as a reward. For increased purchasing power, you may use your card everywhere Visa is accepted, and there are no international transaction fees when travelling.

In fact, there are no transaction fees at all, which saves you money in the long run. Additionally, for the first three months, there is a welcome bonus of 3.5 percent back in bitcoin for every purchase, with a maximum income of $100 in bitcoin. When cardholders spend more over $50,000 per year, they will receive an improved 2% rewards scheme. You will receive an extra $30 in Bitcoin prizes if you recommend a friend. Cardholders will also receive 0.25 percent back in bitcoin for approved trades, up to a monthly limit of $500 in bitcoin.

The BlockFi card, like a standard crypto credit card, has a credit card limit. There is no yearly cost and a simple incentive structure to assist you in earning. Many cardholders love the fact that there is no convoluted rewards system or sliding scale to follow in order to obtain their earnings. It’s a card that looks and functions like a typical credit card, but with all of the contemporary perks of bitcoin.

How does applying for a credit card impact my credit?

Your credit score will not be affected by going through the preapproval procedure to discover if you qualify for a BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards credit card. If you continue with your application after obtaining an offer and rate, you must select the box agreeing to a hard pull of your credit, and Deserve’s credit query might affect your credit score.


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